Sunday, August 15, 2010


After much distro hopping I have settled for something new to me, pclinuxos. This was truly an out of the box experience. I was quickly able to connect online via wifi unike previous distros which didn't recognize my Broadcom wireless card as quickly or as effortlessly as I would have liked. I am using the KDE version pclinuxos 2010 and I am loving it. It has some goodies installed that took me a while to download and get going with other distros. What goodies am I referring to? I am referring to Compiz, Emerald, Smooth tasks and Dropbox to name a few. With other KDE distros I couldn't get Compiz and Emerald going but I quickly found a method through the pclinuxos forum. I was surprised that it worked, it had to some how it was pre-installed, but like I said I couldn't figure it out before. In my opinion the best part of this distro has to be mylivecd. I put linux on a few computers and it was mainly so the user can let their kids play tuxpaint, gcompris and childplay. Every time I put linux on a system I would have to download these apps so they can use them. No need to do this anymore. I made my own live cd with these softwares already installed. My cd ( its really a dvd) even has a few extra things I like which is great. I can give this disk out to anyone I choose so they can see how great Linux is. This distro even has a repository speed tester. Its freakin awesome, it tests your repositories and lists them from fastest to slowest. I get top speeds every time I install something in the synatptic package manager. To tell you the truth the only thing I installed on my system were some games, wallpapers and plasma themes but other than that this distro has everything I need. In case you are wondering. I have been using linux for about 4 years. I am by no means an expert but I would consider myself a little bit above average. I don't usually write on my blog but something urged me to do it this time just so I can spread the word about Linux and this wonderful distro.